What They Don’t Tell You

They don’t tell you about how living with someone with a chronic illness eats away your life.

They don’t tell you how the pain will seep into your soul in ways that you cannot see because it has blinded you.

They don’t tell you how different it is when “in sickness and in health” turns out to mean “in sickness and in more sickness.”

They don’t tell you about living each day with the fact that you will never be “good enough” to make it better.

They don’t tell you about how very, very tired you will be.

They don’t tell you because they don’t know.

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5 thoughts on “What They Don’t Tell You

  1. Rebecca

    I am so sorry for such a hard day :(.

    I firmly believe that God doesn’t show us the crosses we will bear because even He, as God the Son, Jesus, asked for His cross to be taken from Him – and He knew the glorious ending. His whole purpose for coming was to bear THE cross and save us all. He knew the ending, and He still asked ‘let this cup pass from me.’ He also had help in carrying his cross.

    Praying for you for eyes to see the glorious ending of the story that He has promised us; and that the weight of your cross is made lighter by those who love you.

    1. Rae Post author

      Thank you so much for your kindness. And please know that if I were actually in that much emotional/spiritual pain right now this would not have been posted. It is a struggle more at other times, but this was let out now partially because of how much work Josh was doing for me yesterday (quite literally making himself sick with lack of sleep etc.) and partially for other reasons I probably shouldn’t say here.

      But thank you, so very much thank you. You are an incredible example of loving others when you are in the middle of heartbreak.

      1. Rebecca

        I am glad that your pain is less right now…and that you will be easier on yourself the next time it is more.

        What would we do without the truly un-deserved gifts of amazing husbands? A gift I can not comprehend on this life…

    1. Rae Post author

      My version of Church teaching is that if you aren’t perfect then either you get purgatory on earth or after. So I take comfort in the fact that at least people like you and Josh get to skip it later. And that is kind of cool, right?

      And thank you.

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