Whiter Than Snow

Snow, snow, whiter than snow

As a child we used to sing the words “Whiter than snow, yes whiter than snow. Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.” And I always thought of the piles of dirty snow in spring. Yes, I knew what the songwriter meant. But my eight-year-old mind still automatically thought of dirty snow and how I did not think that “whiter than snow” was especially impressive. Couldn’t they at least have said “whiter than a freshly fallen snow” or something like that?

I am older now, but I still do not “know better”. My mind is rebellious. I Instinctively question poetical metaphors tossed my way. So many of them simply do not work for me. Alas. Maybe someday I will be that wonderful older woman who talks endlessly about “roses in December” and “sunsets”.

But for right now I am simply thrilled that the snow pile pictured above is gone. I took the picture less than a week ago. After last night’s rain, it is no more. That is a wonderful thing since the “snow” metaphor does not fit with my idea of Easter.

Happy Palm Sunday! Thank God the snow is gone!

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6 thoughts on “Whiter Than Snow

  1. Aubrey

    I know just what you mean. Happy Palm Sunday to us … we actually got snow today (we’re in Nebraska) but at least it’s not the 5 inches that was forecast. It’s a dusting. Still, it doesn’t make me think of Easter!

  2. Sophia

    Lol! I know what you mean! I have to explain to my Singaporean friends, who have never seen snow in their life bfore, how snow is NOT all white and pretty.
    I like that “rebellious” spirit in you…it keeps things interesting!

  3. Taryn

    Haha- i hear you- I take metaphors and theories and try to figure other ways to understand them. It is fun. I have actually even taken classes on metaphor. However- I never thought of dirty snow piles. I like it!

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