Why Blog?

I have planned for a while to post about why I blog. People seem to think that I blog because I think I have something for others. Oh no. I blog for me. Because blogging is natural for me. Asking why I blog is like asking why I talk to coworkers. Um…

Yes, whenever I get negative comments that imply that I hurt someone I consider shutting this blog down and going someplace else where “no one knows me.” But I don’t do that in real life. And I can’t help hurting people.

Instance: the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. One of my normally chatty coworkers who loves to talk about meat and asks me questions about vegetarianism (along with asking me if I am Amish or a ballerina!) asks me what I am doing for Thanksgiving. I tell him and then ask if he is excited about some great food. Wrong question. It turns out that his wife is in the hospital, and I can tell that he is hiding hurt since I’ve rubbed turkey grease (or lack thereof) in his wound over spending his days off in the hospital caring for his wife. Ouch.

But the only way for me to avoid such things is to never say anything. And then I will hurt those who really needed a happy coworker to chat with.

So I hurt people. And I move on (after salving my feelings of guilt and self-loathing, of course!).

I was going to post a long post about this sort of thing and try to really explain myself. I did not think that I could make all others understand, but at least I would have something to read myself the next time I felt like shutting down my blog.

But then I looked at Josh’s most visited page (we both use Chrome and when you open up a new window or tab it shows you screenshots of the top sites you visit). And I determined that I want to get this blog on his top list. The Catholic one is already there, but apparently my regular blog isn’t that interesting?!

Well if that isn’t a challenge, I don’t know what is! I must somehow compete with top tech sites for a bit of my husband’s attention. And, I’ll not kid myself, I always love more attention from him.

So instead of posting about why I blog with lots of itsallaboutmetalkingtomyself explanations, I am posting to explain that I blog to get web attention from my husband. So if you think things are crazy around here, just know that you’re not the one I’m blogging for. I am determined to get on his top list by the end of the year. Which means that I need to start ignoring challenging comments and fears over others reactions and just post. Crazy things.

Oh, and if you feel like commenting (not on this post in particular) please do so. He is the type to click through to read comments which means more views of my blog which means Chrome knows that he thinks I am the BEST!

If you were to be honest about why you blog, what would you say? Don’t worry, I won’t tell your readers. We can keep it between you and me and whomever reads this blog (which is apparently not usually Josh).

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19 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. CM

    Sounds selfish, but I’m totally in blogging for me. I really try to avoid looking at stats and so forth, because then I’d probably start trying to gear things toward the kinds of things that got the most hits instead of using to sort out my thoughts, whatever they may be at the time.

  2. Mama Kalila

    :-) Love the getting attention bit. My hubby rarely reads mine anymore. Sad.

    Honestly I have a ton of reasons and not sure whats on top. I started just to share pics and stuff w/ family… but… I love to write and it keeps me from going insane. Its nice to be able to go back and see what I was thinking, things that have happened, etc. To an extent its a resource for me.. I know certain links are there if I need them, sometimes a recipe I need is actually written out, all sorts of stuff. Its nice to have a place to talk about things I’m passionate about… and if it helps someone else that’s great (if not that’s fine too lol). I’ve been given a ton of advice and for the most part really enjoy that so its nice to pass along mine for anyone else who feels the same way (about advice not mine in general lol). Feedback. Sometimes (usually) I enjoy getting it. Venting… has to happen somewhere (btw I keep meaning to give you the password for the locked posts but not sure where to send it lol), I guess that’s back to keeping me from going insane :-D Oh and this one is horrible I’m sure, but I have posted about things before because I’m getting grief about them lol. The people who do it most (my inlaws) either rarely or never read my blog so its pretty pointless, but its spawned quite a few posts. I guess if nothing else it helps me get my thoughts in order and reaffirm why I disagree with what they’re saying lol.

    1. Mama Kalila

      Forgot to add (and was a major part of what I was wanting to say lol)… I’ve thought about quiting a few times too, esp lately. Have also thought of revamping going anonymous. But… I just switched my blog over. I already have some posts locked. I don’t really want to do that. I like the way mine is… Just get discouraged sometimes.

  3. Maggie

    Oh boy…. if I had an anon blog I would write all sorts of stuff! There are so many times I have to carefully word something because my in-laws read it or so I don’t offend anyone (which seems so easy to do nowadays!)

  4. Elisa

    Hm. I used chrome when it first came out, but it was lame-o. Is it better now?
    I blog to show my mom stuff…and I also blog for me, b/c if I didn’t have a blog to show my mom stuff on, I’d never get anything done around here. =) I also blog because we are military and move a lot, so it just stinks as far as keeping up relationships go. I have made a lot of friends online and I’m glad that next time we move, I’ll still be in touch with them. =)

  5. Joy

    This is a really timely post for me, as I’ve been thinking of stopping. I’m getting too wrapped up in whether there are any comments and hurt since there usually aren’t. I need to remember that it is okay to blog for me ~ the journal writer who has less time but has found this to be a good way of setting down thoughts and observations.

  6. Michelle

    I started blogging about a month ago. It’s funny, my husband reads only one blog, mine. He doesn’t comment on the actual blog, but emails me and gives me feedback. It’s also funny that he is the only one who reads my blog. I know this because the site stats say 1 view LOL. I actually don’t mind one bit. I think I would be too self conscious if I had a lot of viewers/comments.

    I realized that unfortunately I am the kind of person who likes to ramble on and on and/or talk about nothing very interesting. Hmmm, maybe I just like to hear myself “talk”. Maybe I’m just self absorbed and I think every thought of mine (well not EVERY) should be spoken or written. Anyway, I know that’s annoying in real life with people who are stuck on the phone or in the same room with me. But I must have an forum.

    Keep up the good work on your blog. I’m not reading it to change my life so anything you say is fine with me (Wow aren’t you relieved, haha!). If I happen to not like something, I’ll click the little red “x” in the corner instead of leaving a hurtful comment.

  7. Fran Rossi Szpylczyn

    Oh – so many reasons, mostly because I love to write and I love to connect with other people. I have learned a lot about myself over these three years, so there are elements of growth too. What a good thought provoking question to ponder. And thanks for your answer… it is as your blog is, generous!

  8. Kristy

    So I started reading this thinking, “Of course you blog for yourself. Doesn’t everyone? And of course someone will get offended at something along the way. Doesn’t everyone get offended eventually?” And by the time I got to “I’m not Josh’s most visited page,” I was laughing. :) Best of luck in your endeavors!

    1. Rae Post author

      Thank you! And it makes me quite happy that you were amused (+you helped me with my goal because Josh clicked through to read your comment and said “ha! She gets your post”).

  9. Young Mom

    I laughed out loud when you ended by saying that you blog for your husbands attention! :) I blog for me, to organize my thoughts and encourage myself. And yes, I use it to vent sometimes.

  10. That Married Couple

    I’ve wondered before if I shouldn’t spend some time thinking about why I blog and whatnot… then I get too lazy. I love your reason of doing it for Josh! I am right there with you. If my husband doesn’t say anything about my blog for a few days then I pester him to see if he’s been reading it! And comments really do seem to make husbands pay more attention!

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