Why I Wear Skirts

I wear skirts. A lot. I am not perfect with my skirt-wearing. Pants somehow make an appearance a few times a week, but–more days than not–I wear skirts.

I wear skirts because I am called by God to be feminine and beautiful, a shining beacon in a dying, gagging world. I know that not everyone can reach these lofty standards, and I certainly do not judge those who use their freedom to choose that which is inferior. Yet I shall continue to wear skirts¬†because I know that…

…oh wait. Sorry. I keep getting others’ reasons mixed up with my own.

I wear skirts and dresses because I am fa… Er, I mean, because my weight is higher than ideal for health.

And skirts and dresses, with a few exceptions, are more forgiving.


The dress in which I am pictured is a size small. The picture on the left is from about the time I met Josh, the picture on the right is from yesterday. I weigh about 25lbs more now than I did then. Let’s just say I don’t even think about wearing the same pants, but I am quite confident that I could fit into any of my old skirts and dresses that my younger sisters might still have.

The truth is that skirts can be an easy substitute for not investing in myself. I can turn to skirts and, with minimal effort, convince myself that I am well cared for, when in reality I haven’t taken all the time to exercise, eat well, and become comfortable with my ever-changing body.

It takes me much longer to find a flattering pair of pants than it does a good-enough skirt.  Shopping for jeans requires significant effort. Ordering a dress online takes seconds. A well-fitting pair of pants indicates that I know my body. A feminine skirt indicates that I know how to hide part of my form, even while attracting more attention.

I wear skirts because I have been overwhelmed with health issues and not taken care of myself. I wear skirts because I do not choose to put in the significant effort to find and purchase pants. I wear skirts because I do not love myself enough to wear that which is both most appropriate and most flattering for my place in this world.

I wear skirts because I am lazy.

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13 thoughts on “Why I Wear Skirts

  1. Maggie

    I’ve just gotten into the habit of wearing skirts the past year or so. I still have a hard time remembering to exit cars gracefully. I’m practically Paris Hilton. :-)

  2. Sarah@BeatenCopperLa

    YES! Pants are evil i.e. way too picky about how they fit.
    I tried explaining this to a co-worker and she responded with a seemingly insulting comment about how “you think you can hide fat by draping it but people can still tell it’s there.”
    Whatever, lady, you shop at Chico’s.

  3. Katarina

    This made me smile really hard !!!

    I was in an all gals school for high school and we wore skirts a lot – long skirts
    As a form of rebellion i never wear anything apart from pants and dresses
    Truth be told – pants are almost a necessity where i work as it can be impossible or tricky to try and trace cables under a false floor with a skirt

  4. Jackie

    You are hilarous.

    I wear skirts because jeans press into my bladder and make me pee more. I try to only wear them on days that I know I will be standing a lot. I own 3 pairs of jeans, one that is too raggedy to wear in polite company.

    I hope that people think I am part of a religious cult though. I should probably start covering my head in public.

  5. Susan

    You do not look overweight in the second photo! Anyway, yes, I’ve had a hard time finding pants that fit well. I tried moleton jeans (which are mostly cotton but have a little spandex), and they feel really soft…they just cling a little too much to my thighs. And skirts either too formal for the occasion or too drafty or require pantyhose. We can’t win!

  6. Lisa @Granola Cathol

    I wear skirts and dresses often. I agree that it is easy, but here is why. I look more put together in a dress and sweater than I do jeans and a sweater. Throw on a scarf and I have an outfit. Wearing a dress or skirt with leggings is just plain comfortable, I put my sweater dress and leggings on this morning and at 9pm I am still wearing it, because it so comfortable.

  7. Kathleen

    You’re awesome. When I read the beginning of the post I was like, “Okay, that’s a little extreme but whatever.” But I’m totally with you. After having a baby I had to go buy fat pants but I’m still good with my dresses!

  8. alison

    a super belated comment…the first time i read this after you came back from you hiatus I thought, “what the heck happened to rae during these past few months???” and then I was glad to finish it. “whew” she’s still there, I thought.

    sometimes I think its nice to have clothes that aren’t so contingent upon our weight. Its a pretty unsustainable way to dress. that’s why i love the indian sari. that dress is made for gaining and losing weight and pregnancy and breastfeeding and everything in between. except for climbing trees and doing any physical whatsoever. Hmm, wait a second…

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