Frosting or Icing?

In my mind frosting is made with powdered sugar, may or may not be heated, and is spread over a cake or cupcakes.

Icing is made with granulated sugar, boiled, and then drizzled over a cake.

But my husband says that he has never heard anyone else in real life use the term “frosting.” It is always icing, even when it is that nasty stuff in the little tub from the store.

What do you think? Frosting or icing or it depends?

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15 thoughts on “Frosting or Icing?

  1. Christine

    I call it all icing but I can use them interchangeably.

    It’s funny how different words mean different things to people – for the longest time I considered “a couple” when referring to items as 2 – 3 and a “few” as 3 – 4. I know that a couple is two, but sometimes I regress… haha.

  2. Kristy

    How funny! Everyone has a different perspective. Maybe it’s a regional thing? I generally call everything icing, but the gross that comes out of a can is frosting. I don’t know why. The thin, drizzly stuff is usually glaze to me. Maybe it’s because we rarely used either growing up. Chocolate ganache topped most of our cakes. If not, then it was cream cheese icing/frosting/whatever you want to call it. But always homemade.

    1. Rae Post author

      I wonder if it is a regional thing. I grew up in New England while my husband was raised in the Deep South.

      And I guess it really does not matter what it is called so long as it is homemade and delicious!

  3. CM

    I don’t think I ever use “icing”. It’s always frosting! I really do think it might be a regional thing. You would think someone, somewhere has done some sort of a break-down on which parts of the country call it what.

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