I am thankful 2/28/2010

For the gift of hearing. My most frequent complaint (which I force my husband to hear) is about the noise from the apartment next door. They have five children and two dogs (one of whom is an oft-chided puppy) and apparently like to stay up very late watching television (on school nights). And I complain. But until this week I never stopped to be grateful for the chance to be bothered by noise. And a slight annoyance is a pretty minor cost for the ability to hear the birds outside each morning, and my husband’s voice, and phone conversations, and yes, even music.

For cloves. Not only can they make a room smell like Christmas, they turn oatmeal into a sophisticated treat. And yes, my version of sophistication is oatmeal with cloves. Yum.

For clean water. And clean water always available at the turn of a handle? Pretty wonderful.

For iTunes U. I think that my brain may be starting to work again. I miss college and it is simply delightful to be able to hear great professors, not to mention new lectures by some of my favorite professors.

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5 thoughts on “I am thankful 2/28/2010

  1. Maggie

    My most frequent complaint is my apartment neighbors as well. They play loud hip hop music and the bass practically shakes the pictures hanging on my wall. They like to slam doors and argue outside. Thank you for reminding me to see the good in a bad situation- at least I can hear these noises! If I looked at the blessing instead of the annoyances maybe I’d be a happier person!

  2. Dawn Farias

    This was all very beautiful… until I got to the cloves part. I smoked cigarettes for a couple of years before I got married (at barely 20…) I tried clove cigarettes once and it was just awful. (Perhaps you think any cigarette experience is awful… ) I can’t even smell them from a distance without my mind remembering and my stomach recoiling a bit.

    On a similar note, though, I think nutmeg added to anything makes it seem more sophisticated: carrots, peas, alfredo sauce…. even oatmeal. ;)

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