I am thankful 9/5/2010

For perfect warm sunny days. I am not yet ready for autumn, but this weekend’s warmth has been glorious after the summer heat!

For brothers. They are not as good as sisters, but still, quite nice. ::smirks at the only sibling who ever reads this who just so happens to be a brother::

For dishwashers. I actually enjoy washing dishes by hand, but it is wonderfully convenient to not need to do so all of the time.

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2 thoughts on “I am thankful 9/5/2010

  1. Elisa

    I hear you on the dishwasher! I do mind washing by hand, now that I’m pregnant and bending over the sink hurts my back. I am thankful for those things that make the kitchen cleaner faster. =)

    1. Rae Post author

      I always stand in an odd way when washing dishes, so I can only imagine what a (literal) pain it must be when pregnant! I’m glad that you have a dishwasher. :-)

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