I am thankful 11/14/2010

For sweet people online. A few people completely misunderstood something that I tweeted and responded by kindly trying to help me understand how there really is a loving non-sexist God. While I did not actually need their explanations, it was nice to see that there are people out there who will take the time to try to lovingly correct misunderstandings. And when I get the energy tomorrow I will have to lovingly correct their misunderstanding of me! But in any case it was a whole lot nicer than dealing with the hurting people online to like to tell me that I should apologize for offending any given group of people! And of course I was thrilled by the people who understand what I mean, even in fewer than 140 characters.

For water. Have I mentioned before how much I love having pure drinking water available at the turn of a knob? Or how enjoyable it is to be able to take hot showers every day? Water is wonderful.

For a husband who will take the time to listen and help fix me (yes, I really do both need and want to be put back together correctly!) and then drive me to the train station when we have talked away the time that I should have spent walking to the bus.

For roses in November. Some days I love the South. And yes, I still think of anything south of New Jersey as the South. Warm November days are pretty high up there on my list of love-inspiring items.

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